May 21, 2019

The Power of Plants: How a Green Office Improves Productivity

Article by Zircon Interiors

In the past, business owners would often choose a utilitarian minimalist aesthetic for their office space because it was considered to be practical and professional. That is no longer the case. As studies have shown, interior design plays an important role in employee productivity.

These days, business owners recognise the need for collaboration and socialisation in the workplace. That is why they are redesigning their office spaces to inspire these traits in their employees. They are choosing to partner with companies that offer interior design services that can accommodate their needs and find the appropriate design solutions that will help them improve productivity and efficiency.

The Power of Plants

From an early age, we have been taught about the importance of plants. From an environmental perspective, they provide us with oxygen and they help reduce harmful toxins in the air. From an interior design perspective, they offer a lot more benefits.

Aesthetically, plants give indoor spaces a pop of colour that has the ability to inspire communication and collaboration. Its connection to spring has made it so that people associate it with life and productivity. The colour green has also been found to help those who see it become more balanced and calm. Additionally, plants foster compassion and empathy as they inspire feelings of nurturing and care. All of these work towards creating a work environment that reduces stress and boosts morale.

The Art of Smart Design

As more companies move away from the cold and clinical look of traditional offices, business owners are looking towards designers and architects who can help them restructure their workplace for optimisation. This is where smart office design comes in.

Smart office design involves the optimisation of floor space, the incorporation of workflow in the furniture layout, and the use of decorative pieces that enhance productivity. All of these factors work towards a strategy that takes your employees’ needs and those of the business into consideration. In creating a flexible and adaptable workplace, you are fostering communication and collaboration which evolve into growth and development. All of which equates to better business performance.

Finding the Right Balance

Using indoor plants as decoration for your office is a valuable investment. Aside from breathing new life into your space, they are helpful in reducing stress in the office. Moreover, starting your office redesign with plants is considerably less expensive than a complete overhaul that can cut into working hours. By collaborating with your designer in how to smartly use plants in your office design, you can effectively use these in improving employee productivity.

About Zircon Interior

We at Zircon Interior believe that a good workspace is designed to boost efficiency and inspire collaboration throughout your organisation. We take your company culture into consideration when we design your space so that the end results are those that best meet your needs. We employ a comprehensive concept to completion process in order to deliver a smartly designed office space.

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