March 13, 2020

The Modern Office: Furniture That Meets the Needs of Today’s Workforce

Article by Zircon Interiors

Today, office furniture goes beyond functionality. The style of furniture pieces you choose sends visual cues about your brand image and impacts the overall office ambience and employee productivity. Selecting the right office furniture is a great way to build the kind of work environment you want to foster.

Let’s start with the basics

The minimalist, open-floor plan has continued to dominate modern office designs and changed the type and number of furnishings needed in an office. But it can never take away the basics: a desk and a chair. Even if you want to introduce hot seating or flexible seating options, desks and chairs will still be present.

Modern options for office chairs

Keep two things in mind: comfort and ergonomics. Since your employees sit in an office chair for about 40 hours a week, these two factors can impact their focus, productivity and physical health. Consider a mix of plush, soft seating and task chairs designed with castors for mobility and a backrest for lumbar support. This way, your employees have the option to choose or switch seats depending on their task at hand.

Also, find a chair with adjustable seat height and headrest and good seat stability. This helps make sure every chair is ergonomically correct for each user.

Give traditional desks a new look

Everyone doesn’t need an individual desk, but each employee needs a space ergonomic for them and their task at hand. If you have a team of web designers or writers in Sydney who work in front of the screen all day long, consider height-adjustable office workstations. These desks allow users to sit or stand while working, improving their blood flow and lowering the risk of illnesses often linked to prolonged sitting.

Furniture for meeting spaces

chairs and table in conference roomNo matter what kind of business you run, you will need at least one meeting space in the office. It’s a space to sit down with clients, have a staff meeting or brainstorm for the next big company project.

When shopping for furniture for your meeting room, consider the following factors:

  • The average number of people (and their tasks) that will use the space
  • The durability of furniture pieces since the room will be occupied and utilised frequently
  • Colours and styles of pieces; the meeting room should promote creativity and collaboration

Apart from furnishings for the meeting room, consider adding collaboration benches to certain areas in the office. High collaboration benches offer the ideal space for standing meetings and daily huddles. This way, you foster frequent collaboration among your teams without your meeting room being overused.

Cosy options for lounge areas

Lounge areas aren’t only there to improve the ambience of your office and impress your guests. These spaces should fulfil their primary role: a place where workers can take a break and relax for a few minutes. Pick cosy furniture pieces that both add aesthetic appeal to your workplace and invite your employees to hang out. You can even add bookcases, bean bags and perhaps a TV with video games. Cosy, functional lounge areas won’t only rejuvenate exhausted employees but also help build stronger interoffice relationships, which can play a key role in projects requiring different teams to work together.

Rigid work environments where employees are expected to sit down and work alone for hours may no longer appeal to today’s workforce. Make sure your office suits the behaviours of modern workers. It should foster collaboration, creativity and flexibility, giving employees freedom on how they want to work. Start with picking the right office furniture. Browse through our collection of innovative office furniture.

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