April 10, 2020

The Human Element: How Modern Offices are Designed for Employees

Article by Will Sedgwick

Office spaces have gone through numerous changes in the years. From boxy cubicles to open-plan layouts, business owners are always on the lookout for interior design trends that boost productivity. But this focus on productivity and efficiency has resulted in office layouts that do little in motivating employees.

As the driving force behind your business, your employees’ morale is an integral element in business performance. When they feel stifled by the office layout, they will likely become dissatisfied with their work. Productivity will drop, resulting in late submissions and delayed timelines. The worst-case scenario of low employee morale is higher turnover rates.

Interior designers are addressing this situation by including the human element in their projects. They provide business owners with adaptable solutions through design.

Creating Optimal Office Conditions for Employees

Commercial interior design in Melbourne is taking a new approach to developing office spaces. Skilled interior designers are using high-performance designs to promote health, wellness and comfort in the workplace.

Data-driven Design

WeWork, the global co-working space brand, believes that architecture is shaped by behaviour. Before developing a new workspace, they do a study on the area’s work culture. This results in an office design that is optimised for its target audience.

You know your employees the best. You are familiar with how they work and understand their needs in the office setting. Communicating these insights to your interior designer will result in a space that is unique to your operations. This will also prevent the use of design elements that are not suitable for your processes.

Homey Elements

Work-life boundaries continue to blur as businesses implement telecommuting practices. Additionally, the popularity of the gig economy has influenced more professionals to work freelance. Competing with these conditions can be tough, especially when your employees are required to work in the office. Interior designers are addressing by integrating comfort and flexibility into the workspace.

Enhance your office with ‘resimercial’ furniture. These furnishings, like beanbags and pillows, strike a balance between the professional and home settings.  If these design elements seem too casual for your office, consider placing them in the break room. This allows employees to enjoy their breaks, rather than feel pressured to get back to work.

Nature’s Wellness

Traditional offices are known to be dreary. But modern offices tend to embrace natural lighting and greenery. It’s common to see commercial spaces with indoor gardens and water features. These natural elements have the ability to uplift people’s moods.

If the building administration allows it, consider adding more windows or a skylight. This will brighten up the space and give your employees something to look at. Another option would be to install indoor plants around the office. Ask your interior designer or fitout specialist on how to incorporate natural elements in your office.

Developing a Well-rounded Office Design with Zircon Interior

Designing your office with your employees in mind is a good approach to developing a high-performing space. Zircon Interior is your partner in accomplishing this. We have the technical expertise to develop an office design that integrates health, wellness, and comfort in a professional setting.

Our team is ready to help you transform your office for the better. Get in touch with us to learn more. Call 1300 947 26 or email info@zirconinteriors.com.au to book an appointment.

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