Expert Commercial Fitout Services in Sydney

Businesses in Sydney are expected to reflect success. But this positive and progressive outlook is difficult to foster when you have an outdated office. Zircon Interiors addresses this with our commercial fitout solutions.

This comprehensive process can range from a simple redesign of the space to a major renovation. Choosing which suits your office largely depends on your needs. The former is better suited for upgrading to modern furniture and equipment. The renovation or refurbishment is better suited to utilising the whole space to get maximum value and use from it.

Let our experts handle this project for you. We have a team that can transform your office space and bring it into the modern business landscape.

Office Refurbishment

Often, office spaces are cramped because of unnecessary internal walls and bulky furniture. Aside from being unattractive, this smallness can be detrimental to productivity. The lack of space to move and the imposing furniture become distractions to employees. Refurbishing your office addresses these problems while modernising the space.

Zircon Interiors carries out this service to help you maximise your workspace. We use a combination of multi-functional furniture and a workflow-centric floor plan. This allows us to create a space that is highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. We can also handle all of the necessary paperwork in minor builds such as this. Trust us to handle your office refurbishment as if it were our own project.



Modern workstations are defined by their adaptability. As more offices choose open floor plans, traditional cubicles are seen as less practical. The space-saving design of our workstations gives your staff ample room to work without taking up too much space.

glass partitions


Office partitions are no longer limited to opaque plasterboard walls. Zircon Interiors has different designs you can choose for your office. These range from glass partitions to operable walls. Choose the partition that will help you improve business processes at work.

Interior Design

One of the simplest ways to maximise the value of your office space is to update its design. Zircon Interiors specialises in creating environments that are visually appealing and highly functional.

In designing your office interior, we take into account your daily processes. This helps us create a floor plan that flows with your employees rather than being disruptive. Additionally, we choose multifunctional furniture. The items we select are practical and decorative. Our team uses 3D rendering software to showcase your new office design before beginning the project. We encourage you to use this model as a point of comparison for the finished project.

interior design
glass partitions

Project Management

Zircon Interiors takes a hands-on approach to every project. In choosing us, you can direct your focus on your core business. A project manager is assigned to your project to act as your representative. They will speak with all of the necessary people so that all you have to do is approve the final decisions.

Using our expertise, we've built a team that can transform your office to suit Sydney's modern and vibrant sense of success. Zircon Interior is your partner in creating an office that will grow with your company.

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