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Transform your workspace with a bespoke office fit-out that’s visually stunning, improves workflow and impresses your clients.

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  • Fully-rendered design concepts
  • Detailed proposals and fixed deadlines
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Why choose Zircon Interiors?
The Zircon difference

We create bold and unique offices that empower staff to work more collaboratively, freely and efficiently. Whether you have 100 or 10,000 square metres, we’ll help you transform and make the most of the space you have.

Improving workflow

A more comfortable workspace is a more efficient one. By taking the time to understand the present and future needs of your team, we can create office fit-outs that not only look impactful but enhance the productivity of your organisation.

Consultation and concept designs

Seeing is believing. That’s why our world-class design team provides detailed mock-ups to show you how your new office can look and flow. You’re in complete control at every stage, so when the final fit-out is complete, it not only meets, but exceedsyour expectations.

Quality and satisfaction, guaranteed

We respect the time-sensitive nature of moving office and commit to delivering a world-class office fit-out, on time and on budget. And because our service and products are guaranteed, you can be reassured that when you move into your new space, everything is perfect.

How we work View projects

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    How we work
    With you every step of the way

    1. Understanding your vision

    World-class office design comes from understanding your unique requirements. Our dedicated team of experts start this planning process from day one.

    2. Presenting visual concepts

    Our interior designers help you choose a style that suits your company’s personality, while making sure all key stakeholders are fully onboard.

    3. Office fit-out design renders

    We help you visualise your future office, even recommend furniture which can be incorporated into the renders, giving you a clear picture of the completed space.

    4. Furniture selection

    With the help of our team, you can access the world’s best office furniture and art to match your vision, style and budget.

    5. Full construction and setup

    Our expert installation team take care of everything, ensuring every aspect of the office fit-out meets our, and your very high standards

    6. Pre & post support

    Our work comes fully guaranteed, backed up with our exceptional support and service. Read our testimonials to see how clients have enjoyed working with us.

    How we go above and beyond

    Dedicated interior

    Dedicated account
    /project manager

    Fixed proposal

    Guaranteed implementation

    Full post service support
    and maintenance

    Recent office fit-outs

    Ready to be inspired? Take a look at our past office fit-outs below. Select what’s important to you by using the filters and our gallery will reorder accordingly.

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    When you first contact Zircon Interiors, we will make sure we take this opportunity to impress you from the get-go! We pride ourselves on delivering a premium service and bespoke design and office fit-out solutions to any company that is looking to improve workflow, build staff morale or simply wanting to wow your clients.

    Free Detailed Quote

    After you have conducted your FREE design and office fit-out consultation, we get to the hard work, using all of our experience and industry know how. We will provide you with the most accurate and detailed quotation possible.

    Project Timeline Management

    We will provide a detailed timeline with a step by step guide on the whole process. Indicating every aspect of the design and office fit-out service. We will then take all the hassle away for you and manage the whole thing using a hands on approach.

    Contact us today for a FREE professional design and office fit-out consultation and tailored quote to work with your budget and timeline. It’s time to reimagine your workspace.

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      Case Studies
      Explore our client stories

      From initial design brief to each bespoke Zircon solution, discover some of the most successful fit-outs we’ve created for our clients.

      Better Place Australia
      Domaine Chandon
      Professionals Australia

      Client: Domaine Chandon

      Project type: Warehouse conversion


      Domaine Chandon needed to expand its office to fit an increase in staff numbers. The project was to refurbishing an existing warehouse which already held a small office. The dream was to create a space that included areas for collaboration as well as quiet spaces, using plenty of natural light, and required a central location for all the staff to gather for daily team meetings.


      We implemented our space utilisation strategy to collaborate with the staff at Domaine Chandon to create a space that reflected the surroundings of the Yarra Valley as well as a space that served their exact requirements. We engaged all of the stakeholders through-out the process. Using workshops and surveys, we asked the whole team what the top 4 things they were looking for in a new office.


      We designed and created a stunning office fit-out, providing the perfect workflow for Domaine Chandon’s staff to grow and become more efficient in daily tasks and enjoy their new working environment.

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      Office fit-out Case Studies

      What Domaine Chandon said:

      “We now have an office with enormous amounts of natural light across the whole space. I also know how much work and effort the Zircon team put into future proofing the office fit-out. Which is greatly appreciated from all of us. We know in the next 20-30 years that the next generation will not run out of space.”

      “This space is really going to work for us, we have private time for when we need it, and we’ve got ‘get together’ time and spaces which are really important for us and our daily worklife. This helps to develop our team spirit, and we love to be together collaborating and planning.”

      Our story
      Transforming workspaces
      for 30 years

      At Zircon, we understand that smart interior design is key to building a culture of success in the workplace. For over 30 years we have been doing just that by helping business owners create visually stunning and highly efficient working environments.

      Using the latest technology and innovative tools, our world-class design team are dedicated to bringing your vision to life, while our expert installation teams make it a reality, on time and on budget.

      Our hands-on, collaborative approach ensures your needs are fully met at every stage and that your new office space will be flourishing for many years to come.

      Reimagine your workspace

      Zircon Office fit-out

      What's happening in workspace design?

      Want to transform your office space from ordinary to extraordinary? Get all the inspiration you need with our insightful articles.

      All you need to know

      To serve our clients to the best of our expertise and ability, we only specialise in commercial office design and construct projects.

      Yes! Our project management and delivery team has the capability to handle multiple sites across Australia. A recent project completed for AtWork Australia included over 30 sites designed and constructed within a 9 month period. Many of these sites were in fact in regional and remote areas.

      There are many factors that make up the costs in an office fit out, such as; the size of the space, the condition of the building, the level of finishes and the style of furniture chosen. View our project portfolio which outlines the approximate cost per sqm on our recent projects, based on the level of finish designed. Want to know what your office fit out will cost? Contact our team today to book an appointment.

      The design and construct method is the process of the main contractor appointed to design and build the project, versus the traditional method of appointing an architect to design the space, then appointing a separate builder to construct the project. Engaging a design and construct partner means that a considerable amount of time is saved by removing the double handling associated when separate parties are involved. It also brings the required technical, design and building skills all together efficiently, from applying for permits to full construction documentation and site management.

      Yes, in nearly all office fitout projects, a permit is needed and the process to obtain a building permit differs from state to state. Our project management team handles the permit application on your behalf and will provide a Certificate of Occupancy (COO) on the handover of the project. For further reading on this subject, please click on this link.

      The timescale of a fitout can vary based on a number of factors including the works to be undertaken and whether the fitout is being completed in stages. A typical fitout timeline would range anywhere from 3-12 weeks in duration. Our project management team will create a detailed and bespoke timeline based on your specific project requirements. Call us today to get a better understanding of how long your fitout will take.

      Yes, our sales team would be delighted to discuss your requirements in detail, measure up your site and provide a tailored solution just for your project. Reach out to us to book a time for our sales team to meet and discuss your requirements in person.

      We have undertaken projects of a range of sizes from creating one or two offices to complete office fitouts across multiple floors or multiple sites across Australia. Book a consultation today with one of our fitout specialists to discuss your project further.

      Yes, as one of the many parts to a fitout, glass partitions are a fantastic way to bring in natural light and keep an open atmosphere.

      Yes, our designers can create amazing pieces of bespoke joinery to enhance a space for productivity, storage or collaboration. Our joinery services cover reception desks, storage units, bulk heads and other custom joinery units that are required during a full project.

      Yes, we have a range of different furniture collections that we use on our projects which our team will work with you right through the project to the completion to ensure any future furniture requirements are fulfilled, and that any warranty services are taken care of. Book an appointment in our showroom today to view the collections of furniture we have on display.

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