Better Place

Better Place

Location: Cheltenham, VIC

Size: 600sqm

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A fresh start, rebrand and a dynamic office space is what Family Mediation and Counselling (FMC) needed to take their organisation to the next level.

Now known as Better Places, they serve over 20,000 Australians each year in counselling, financial matters and family consulting, all for a better community.

Being a not for profit, budget is of critical importance but was not at the expense of ensuring the design and functionality of the space worked for the staff. The new fitout consisted of 4 mediation rooms, 4 consulting rooms, training and meeting facilities, a call centre along with an open plan workstation area.

The exposed ceiling produced its challenges with sound travel but careful consideration in the design process meant that the overall sound travel between rooms was cancelled.

Quiet and collaboration areas were constructed to assist staff to have collaborative meetings as well as providing an area for study or reading individually.

Security between the staff and consulting areas was of most importance to ensure each member has a safe working environment.