Office Partitions For A Functional And Modern Workspace

Office Partitions For A Functional And Modern Workspace

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Over the years office spaces have changed. Individual office driven spaces have been outweighed with the open plan style workspaces. This change in the office is mostly due providing more space for collaboration areas, workstation areas and breakout areas.


Activity Based Working is becoming increasingly more popular as businesses adapt to the flexible environment that this electronic age is bring on us. As the office changes, individual meeting rooms and quite areas are recommended to be built by plaster or glass office partitions to ensure that your staff has the space to undertake private meetings and confidential calls.

Plaster office partitioning is used for a level of privacy because of the acoustic ratings that is able to be achieved by it. Double backing the plaster, using a thicker partitioning suite and using sound or fire check plasterboard is recommended as an interim measure to ensure the walls of your private spaces are soundproofed.

Glass office partitioning can be double glazed to ensure the sound is deadened as much as possible. Sound can travel over glass partitions so it is recommended that ceiling bats are used to help absorb the reverberation.

It is important to ensure that your office partitions are effective and lain out in the correct way. Speaking to a professional interior designer is important to speak to Zircon today to find the best option for your space.