January 13, 2020

Office Overhaul: Is it Time to Upgrade Your Office with a Fitout?

Article by Will Sedgwick

Are commercial fitouts worth the investment?

Giving your office an upgrade will do your business the world of good. When your workplace is properly aligned with your vision, objectives and values, the results and benefits can be incredible. Not only will it help improve business efficiency and productivity, it can also boost employee morale and retention.

The work norm today looks much different from that even a decade ago. According to Work Design Magazine, businesses need a work environment that can support the needs of the modern multi-faceted workforce. If your business was established a decade ago and your workplace hasn’t undergone any improvements, doing something as simple as ordering custom made furniture for your Melbourne office is an easy yet effective way to start.

However, do you really need a commercial fitout? Here are the common telltale signs that it’s time for an office makeover.

Your Business is Growing

When your business grows, you require a larger workforce to keep up with customer demands. Your office needs to accommodate new hires without compromising on the comfort of your present employees. A cramped office distracts them from their tasks and hinders their productivity, especially if they’re sharing desks with colleagues. If you have experienced significant growth and expanded your team, readjust your floor plan and upgrade your furnishings to have room for new people.

It has also been argued that office design influences customer attraction and retention. A beautiful and professional office is more likely to win over clients and contribute to your business’s growth. When they walk into your office, the interiors and overall atmosphere are deciding factors when it comes to how much they ; trust your company.

Your Employees Have Mentioned It

The environment of an office impacts the productivity, efficiency and happiness of employees. If members of your staff have mentioned that they want a change in decor or furnishings, it’s time to switch things up and improve your interiors. Refurbishing your office can help boost employee morale and make them feel genuinely cared for. When they feel valued, they’re more likely to stay in your company and contribute to its growth.

Your Current Office Doesn’t Reflect Your Company’s Brand or Culture

Anyone that steps through the doors of your office should be able to tell the type of business you have and what you’re offering. Your office’s colour schemes, furnishings and break out spaces – these are all company brand and culture indicators.

Creating a strong brand for your office isn’t just great for client interactions, it also cultivates a sense of identity and unity among your employees. For instance, if you’re an advertising agency, you want your office to be a space that promotes creativity and the free-flowing exchange of ideas. When employees and clients enter your office, they should feel the energy associated with a dynamic work environment.

In today’s competitive market, a timely office renovation is a great investment for any company. Bold design decisions empower your employees and leave lasting impressions on customers. To find out more about the impact of office fitouts, head over to our blog. We have articles that provide tips on optimising your office fitout plan and how to shape your company’s culture through interior design.

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