March 27, 2020

Office Layouts: Choosing the Right One for Your Business

Article by Will Sedgwick

Modern business owners have become more aware of how design influences behaviour. However, when designing their workplaces, they need to look beyond the number of desks and the latest equipment. Simply copying another office’s design layout may not provide the benefits and boost that you’re looking for. With the promise of improved productivity and efficiency, you need to get it right and bring a professional in.

Make the most out of your office space by designing it to precisely suit your needs. There are commercial fitout companies in Melbourne that can help you achieve this. Whether you want to encourage communication and collaboration, require private spaces for confidential meetings or both, choose professionals who have the expertise to help you design an optimal layout.

An Office Layout All Your Own

Becoming familiar with the most common layout options makes deciding which would be right for you, much easier.

Open Plan

The open plan office layout is one of the most popular choices for newer businesses. Characterised by the absence of partitions and cubicles, this layout uses desks and other furnishings to create borders or intuitive work areas. Typical in startups, an open plan office is suitable for fast-paced work environments that have a flat hierarchical organisational structure.

  • An open plan office enables employees to communicate with each other more freely.
  • The lack of partitions allows more natural light to flow in from the windows.

Cubicle Floor Plan

Office Cubicle

Cubicles, although old-fashioned, are still commonly used in office designs. You are likely to see these partitioned workstations in bigger organisations, like auditing firms and telemarketing companies. This is a good setup for businesses that require privacy and noise control.

  • Cubicles give employees privacy without being too much of a hindrance to their communications with each other.
  • The partitions are easily adjustable to suit your sizing requirements.

Team-based Office Plan

A team-based office plan groups your employees into clusters that have their designated zones. This setup aims to improve workflow as it puts typical collaborators right next to each other. An office layout like this works well for advertising agencies because they have teams that have several internal roles who who need to work closely with each other.

  • A team-based office layout supports collaboration and communication without being disruptive.
  • The clusters of desks double as meeting areas for quick discussions.

A Bespoke Office Fitout from Zircon Interiors

Your office layout plays an important role in the performance of your employees. Simply choosing one because it is popular willprobably lead to less than optimal communication, efficiency and productivity. Get the most out of your office space and its design by hiring a professional.

Zircon Interiors is one of the leading fitout solutions providers in Australia. We understand the impact of design in creating a cohesive work environment. We take a collaborative approach to each project. When designing your office’s layout, we take your business needs and future goals into consideration. This helps us create an office space that will grow with your company.

Find out more about our services when you contact our team. Book an appointment by calling 1300 947 266 or sending an email to

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