Office Decorating: How to Create a Productive and Enjoyable Environment

Office Decorating: How to Create a Productive and Enjoyable Environment

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A well-designed office not only has the potential to increase overall enjoyment, it has the potential to increase productivity.

Most working adults can say that they spend more time at work than at home. If they work from home, alternatively they spend more time in their office than any other room in their house.

This being so, it is crucial to have a workspace that is enjoyable to be in, or at least productive.

Office spaces should be functional, crisp, and promote efficiency. There are various ways in which this overall goal of an effective office is achieved.

The thought of office decorating is sometimes limited due to the amount of available time and resources, but after realizing the benefits, it just may be worth it to some. Consider color, furniture and some other additional design and comfort features to make the most out of the workspace.

Not only is it beneficial for those spending time in this space, it can be an extra way to express company culture. If there’s a certain style or attitude the company tends to promote, keep it consistent in the office.



First and foremost, let’s talk color. According to A Life of Productivity, there are four major colors that affect the human mind, thus affecting productivity in an office:

Blue stimulates the mind, yellow stimulates emotions, red stimulates the body, and green is said to provide balance. These colors should be used as guidelines when considering a color for your office. Keep in mind the kind of profession you’re in. According to Rug & Home’s interior designers, “the psychology of color will help you choose shades considering the environment you are putting the color in.” It also helps provide “inspiration for the feelings or vibe(s) you want your space to invoke.”

If your work requires a lot of mind work such as a math or science, a color in the blue family might do your office-space justice. If you are a designer or writer something involving some sort of creativity it is suggested to include pops of yellow since the color yellow stimulates emotions. If your job is labor intensive or requires some sort of physical movement, red would be the best color to introduce to your work-space.



After you have picked the color that will promote the greatest productivity, it is time for the fun part furniture. At this point, I will remind you, you are spending a lot of time in this space. You want the furniture to serve its purpose in your office. Choose furniture that has a lot of storage to get organized. It is also a good idea to generally stick with a theme. For instance, if you have decided on a modern/contemporary office design, stick with pieces that have geometric shapes and smooth surfaces. If you’re going for a more antique or rustic styled office space, it’s best to include wooden pieces.

Along with choosing which desk you will use in your office, it’s important to invest in a quality, comfortable office chair. You will be sitting in this chair for a few hours straight, so you want to be sure you invest in a chair that has comfortable and functional support. Sure, it may be convenient to buy the twenty-dollar chair, but that chair will not last very long, nor will it give you the support you need to be seated in for an extended period of time.

If your job requires a lot of literature or files, the next piece of furniture needed is a shelf or file cabinet. Some desk sets come with connecting wall pieces that come in handy when organization is needed. These pieces are helpful, as well as add to the overall look.


The Extra Mile

At this point in the decorating stage, you have a productive wall color, you have functional furniture, but there’s something missing. Accessorize with accent pieces around your office space to create an even more cohesive design. Sometimes a personal addition is inspiring, like a family photo, a favorite design or a framed accomplishment.

Some unique and refreshing touches include adding porcelain or glass decorative cups to use as pen-holders. It can also be a good idea to keep a vase somewhere in your office to add some greenery and fresh flowers. If keeping a plant alive is something you’d rather not worry about, there are some great fake floral plants available, which can be utilized for similar inspiration. Complete the office with a rug. In a home office, both the chair and desk should fit on the area rug. In a typical office, a rug has the ability to create a warm and comfortable feeling.

A fully functional, well-designed office is the key to creating a space that makes it easy to be productive while enjoying the atmosphere of work. If you notice a drop in morale, take a look around. Nobody said an office has to be a boring place, be creative.