Looking to Upgrade Your Office? Here are the Top Design Trends for 2019

Looking to Upgrade Your Office? Here are the Top Design Trends for 2019

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Now, more than ever, beautiful office space is vital in turning business efforts into success. Millennial applicants consider the office decor before accepting job offers and there’s nothing less inspiring than a generic or outdated office design. Improvements in the office suggest to employees and clients that a business is thriving. Additionally, a well-designed environment contributes to a productive, creative and energetic atmosphere.

If you want your business to stay on top of the game, discover key inspirations from these 2019 office design trends.

Second Nature

Exposure to nature has never been more important than it is today. Between longer work hours and lengthier commute routes, employees are spending more time indoors away from the natural world.

The Second Nature trend incorporates biophilic design and plants into the interior. Businesses enhance their office spaces by integrating features such as plants, green walls, natural wood, stone and many other elements that mimic the natural world. These biophilic features have created such a positive response that Second Nature has evolved from a trendy fashion statement to a near-necessity in office interior design.

Geometric Patterns

The days of plain white walls and single-solid colour walls are long gone. Evocative abstract and geometric patterns are making their way into break rooms, lobbies and hallways of offices everywhere.

Areas that have traditionally been conservative are undergoing a transformation with the addition of patterns and warm colours mixed with bold markings.

The vibrant geometric patterns give a modern edge and contemporary flair to the office spaces. They go best on glass room dividers, glass panels, and soft furnishings like pillows and carpets.

Layered Textures

Dull and spare office designs evoke lifeless energy. This 2019, layers of texture and colour bring mood-enhancing elements that minimalism failed to maintain. Layers of texture like rugs, cushions and wall hangings add personality to office spaces, making them more inviting to guests and employees alike.

The layers are most effective when you can clearly differentiate between them. For example, you can pair solid colours with bold patterns or accompany a warm-toned sofa with a stone coffee table. Incorporating plenty of contrast into the design makes the space more visually interesting.

Recycled and Repurposed Furnishings

The use of recycled materials and the repurposing of old furnishings have been popping up in office design ideas and for good reason. Being environmentally-conscious not only helps create a unique working environment but it also lessens your business’ impact on the environment.

There are many clever office interior ideas for making great use out of recycled materials — from recovered wooden furniture to wall coverings made out of burlap and strips of old newspaper bound with nylon thread. To maintain a professional atmosphere, avoid getting too crafty with the materials by keeping the look minimal and practical.

Old Meets New

One of the most promising design trends of 2019 is the return of classic furnishings juxtaposed with modern elements. If you have older furniture pieces that have a timeless appeal, embrace them and incorporate some modern additions. For example, you can place an abstract tchotchke on a vintage coffee table. If your office is architecturally modern, bring in some antique accessories and items to add depth and character throughout the space.

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