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Bespoke Workstations and Benches

The workstation is your employees’ very own space in your office. Its design can directly impact their productivity. As employees are more relaxed in their space, they are less distracted and better organised. Choosing workstations that are highly functional but still comfortable boosts productivity. Zircon Interiors carries different workstation designs that suit most offices in Australia. We even offer customisation services to optimise them for your workplace.

The Valesko Collection is one of our most flexible workstation options. Designed for the open floor layout, it uses an E-Panel screen system in lieu of tall partitions. Its adaptable style makes it easy to configure to better suit your needs. Whether you want to remove a desk or add another one, this workstation will adjust to your growth.

The Serafino is the modern equivalent of traditional work desks. Made of solid timber, this workstation mixes classic elegance with contemporary design. It has removable screens which you can install and remove as you please. Easily transform this workstation to accommodate impromptu meetings and team huddles.

The Tundra Collection is known for making employee interactions easier. It has multiple screen designs available, depending on the level of privacy needed. These screens are made of fabric and have sound insulation properties. Employees can also use them as personal bulletin boards.

If you require adaptable workstations, then the Pluris Collection might interest you. Available in six different designs, this workstation can easily transform from a singular desk to a team bench. Simple and stylish, the Pluris workstations are designed for the modern office. It has a power and cable management system that will keep desks clean and organised.

The modern office space is flexible to employee demands. As more and more employees find it easier to work at a standing desk, companies are expected to offer this option. Our height-adjustable workstations cost-effectively address this need. These desks can be manually adjusted to the height desired by the employee. When choosing this design, you get two desk styles in one.

Meetings don’t always have to take place in a stuffy boardroom. Our collaboration benches give your employees plenty of space to conduct brainstorming sessions. When not in use for that, they can easily be converted into lounge tables for breaks.