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Unparalleled Office Joinery Workmanship

Zircon Interiors creates bespoke joinery with an eye for detail to compliment the space, from plant walls, kitchens, reception desks and storage units. We understand the importance of using custom pieces in decorating an office space. The distinct look of bespoke furniture enhances branding efforts and generates interest. We have a highly-skilled team of craftsmen who can actualise your vision. They also have the know-how to create office furniture that addresses your needs, even if you don’t have a design in mind.

Much like our ready-made furniture, we only use high quality materials. Our joinery services are also amenable to specific materials, should you have a preference. We offer different finishes that are compatible with your existing interior design. Many finishes are available such as corian, natural stone, timbers, melamine and veneers to bring your space to life through incredible creations.

Browse through our completed projects below.