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Acoustics and Accessories

Hush Pads are attractive sound absorbing panels that combine perfect acoustic properties with design and functionality. HUSH PADS panels can be used as wall cladding, suspended ceiling screens or free-standing and image panels.

Almost any workplace can be a noisy environment and noise problems in turn can have a negative effect on efficiency, staff morale and in extreme cases can even result in permanent hearing damage. Noise problems are not exclusive to heavy industry and many office situations are far from perfect but solutions exist to help make them as near as possible acoustically perfect.

Hush Pads absorb as much as 85% of sound waves, tested in an acoustic laboratory with a PCA certificate.

Hush Pads are fire safe. The panels were tested by an accredited laboratory to determine the European fire classification for construction products and obtained the classification: “B-s2, d0".The obtained result means that Hush Pads are safe to use as wall cladding and panels suspended from the ceiling and are treated as a flame retardant product.

gray hush wall pads above an entertainment unit
gray hush wall pads above a table
gray hush wall pads above workstations
gray hush wall pads above a round table
wall covered with hush pads