Frequently Asked Questions About Height Adjustable Desks

Frequently Asked Questions About Height Adjustable Desks

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With an increasing number of people asking for height adjustable desks, we thought that we would outline some points below to help you with your selection.

Height Adjustable Desks

  • What advantages are associated with these desks?
    You will actually receive a number of advantages from using these desks, but the three that everyone seems to benefit from include: flexibility, personalisation and health. The height can be quickly and easily changed to suit the individual, and being able to spend even part of the working day standing can go a long way towards minimising health issues.
  • Should I opt for electric or manual operation?
    The answer to this question ultimately comes down to personal preference. Electric operation is less labour intensive on the user and they also provide a greater range of height adjustment. We are finding that the winder height adjustable desks are becoming less popular than the electronic height adjustable desks like the Energy and Stark ranges.
  • Are adjoining workstations available?
    These workstations can be placed right next to each other with ease, making them highly suited for use in open plan or collaborative workplaces. One employee could choose to stand whilst the person next to them could choose to sit – the desks work independently of each other and will not cause any disruption to those around them.
  • Am I able to use partitions with these desks?
    The answer is yes, our Ergo Workstation 30, 50 and 70 screen systems are a versatile range that are adaptable to almost any workstation.
  • What else should I consider when buying a desk?
    It’s important that you also consider other aspects of ergonomics to ensure that health needs are met all round. Ensure that your legs fit freely underneath the table (obtain a footrest if you’re can’t reach the floor), ensure that the surface is wide enough for your work materials, and ensure that you have ample space to rest your elbows when not typing.

If you have a pressing question that hasn’t been covered above, be sure to contact one of our helpful team members. We’re more than happy to discuss the possibility of incorporating height adjustable desks into your workplace, as well as show them in action so that you get an idea of how they work.