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Putting on extra staff or need more office space? Zircon Interiors is a registered building practitioner specializing in office refurbishments. Refurbing your existing offices can be a very beneficial way to refresh an outdated and tiring fitout to a modern open plan design and incorporate some modern working techniques such as activity based working. Nearly every space can be redesigned to be so different that it doesn’t feel like the same space.

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths” – Walt Disney

Disruption & Dust:

When refurbing an existing office, disruption of staff is a key factor to consider. We work with your team to come up with a strategic plan to relocate different areas at a time, so that disruption to the whole office is kept minimal. We use drop sheets to cordon off areas to keep the noise levels lower and existing sections clean from debris and dust of construction.

Noise Management:

Our staff comply with strict building operational noise levels when constructing our fitouts. Noisy works when required are scheduled for out of hours, keeping minimal disruption to your staff and also other neighbouring tenants.


Having your existing offices redesigned can open up a wealth of possibilities and opportunities to bring in different styles of working and the latest design ideas. These ideas focus on increasing collaboration, functionality and efficiency of your workspace and staff in your existing location by changing traditional spaces for new thinking.


How much will my office refurbishment cost? Is one of the biggest questions asked when planning to renovate a space. Zircon provides a detailed breakdown of costs displaying exactly what each section costs to make sure there is no surprises.

Make Good:

Need to take an existing space back to how it was before? We specialise in make good of an office including removal of existing workstations, floor coverings, joinery, partitions, ceilings and furniture. We will install new finishes as per the building managements specifications.


Updating your office will most likely trigger a permit to be required for the new works, however Zircon will obtain the permit on your behalf. To obtain the permit, existing services are brought up to the current code to ensure that there is adequate fresh air, lighting and temperature control etc.

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