Office partitions are typically used as office and meeting room walls to provide quiet places for staff to work or meet undistracted. They are a great way to bring character to a space and define the mood and atmosphere by careful positioning, design and colour. There are many different types of partitions that can be used within the office for sound proofing, aesthetics & dividing spaces. We explore a few common office partition options below that can be built to your projects specific requirements.

“I kind of like the challenge of jumping into totally different spaces and styles and figuring out how to fit in"

Hugo Weaving


One of the most common partitions, plaster partitioning can come in full and half height solid walls of different width steel studs which enable extra sound proofing between the plaster. There are many upgrades such as the plasterboard for increased durability & sound proofing and the aluminium frame Powdercoated in several colours.


Glass partitions use the same aluminium frame as the plaster partitions making it seamlessly interchangeable. The glass thickness can vary depending on the sound proofing required, with double glazing available. Glazed partitions are excellent for dividing spaces while keeping light flowing through the office, with custom frosting printed to suit your brand. Glass offers flexibility as a writable surface in creative spaces.


Flexible walls offer the availability to divide spaces or quickly create a large space with ease. Also called foldable walls, operable walls are custom made to suit your requirements and can be constructed from acoustic absorbent fabric, timber and glass. Made to be the feature of the space, these walls can change the atmosphere and mood of the room.


Workstations screens or partitions can offer consolidated power and data cable management, sound proofing, Pinnable surfaces with options of fabrics that can bring splashes of colour throughout the office. With the trend of open plan workstation environments, workstation screens have become lower in size over the years and are changing from ‘cubicle’ style to modern low level open styles.


Acoustic partitions are designed to absorb sound waves and reduce levels of noise within the office. Acoustic partitions can come in many different shapes and sizes, and can be made freestanding, attached to walls, ceilings and even hung from ceilings. Acoustic screens can be custom made to suit your office branding also.

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