There are a number of factors with a fit out that need to be considered and properly accounted for. Our focus is to understand the project, your organisations requirements and the way you work to address each question and successfully deliver your new office fit out. Incorporating modern trends such as height adjustable workstations, breakout spaces and activity based working should be considered to give employees increased productivity and flexibility. We explore six common aspects of a commercial office fitout below that create the backbone of the project.

“Employees are a company’s greatest asset”tes culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.”

Anne M. Mulcahy


How you and your organisation works is critical to the success of the fit out. We will work closely with your team to determine how they will react, what each team needs and how they work together to form a plan. As employees are a company’s greatest asset it is paramount the fit out enhances both collaboration, efficiency & productivity in the company’s people.


What matters the most to you? We seek to understand first what is most important to you with the new fit out and revolve the whole fit out around answering and fulfilling these questions. Each project is unique with its own challenges, making it essential to understand each objective in order for these to be resolved.


Nearly every commercial office fit out require council planning applications and other planning certificates to proceed. Zircon will lodge these permits on your behalf, to provide minimal disruption to your work. Not sure if your fitout requires a permit? Read our blog on whether you need a permit.


Zircon provides a fixed price contract for all of our projects. Financing a fit out can be a great way to keep employees happy and motivated with a refreshed environment, while keeping cash flow high. We work with a number of financing companies that provide financing options for projects of all sizes.


Specialised engineering controls the design, installation, operation and monitoring of the mechanical and electrical systems required for the safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly operation of modern buildings. Our specialist engineers work alongside the interior designers to provide quality, functionality and aesthetics with the office and make sure each part of the office is well equipped.


Furniture is a substantial part of the fit out and can really impact both the budget and design. Different styles of furniture will change the feel and functionality of the space. Modern styles of working such as activity based working steer away from traditional meeting rooms, with spaces created amongst working areas for informal spaces to meet and discuss. We source unique ranges of furniture directly which provides a higher quality & design associated with lower costs.


Zircon Interiors has been working with Scope for many years assisting them with the minor changes at Box Hill and we were privileged to be the successful bidder of their major office fitout in Hawthorn, Melbourne.
The space at Hawthorn was approx 1,100sqm reduced from the Box Hill office at nearly 2,000sqm. With careful planning based on the feedback from the existing office at Scope, we found that not all staff were present in the space at one time which helped Zircon produce a collaborative hot desking environment through commercial interior design, that reduced space and costs.


The Spirit Telecom office fitout in Melbourne was fast paced which allowed the client to relocate into the premises in just 3 weeks from the commencement on site.
Zircon has transformed this former empty space into a functional dynamic and fun space designed for a fast growing business.

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