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Our Corporate Culture

  • Integrity – Adhere to moral principles to do the right thing at all costs.
  • Trust – Build trust through honesty with colleagues and clients.
  • Attitude – Positive winning culture is paramount to a successful, happy and productive workplace.
  • Respect – Respect colleagues and clients regardless.

Integrity, Trust, Attitude and Respect are the four core Zircon values that work hand in hand to form the Zircon Culture. People build relationships and make ideas happen, bringing projects to life through personality and teamwork. It is only together as a team that we can create and build workplaces that enable our clients to empower their people for years into the future.

Zircon believes culture is the most essential ingredient in todays business world, and it must be nourished and nurtured by all teams and heights of the business for success. A motivational culture can be breathed into people by the feel and atmosphere of the office harvested by great design.

a team of four members working on office fitout project