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Who are Zircon Interiors

Our Story

Zircon Interiors was founded to help business owners get the most out of their office spaces. Using the latest technology, innovative tools and best practices, we can help you create a workplace that’s not only stunning but one that breeds a culture of success.

We understand the important role interior design plays in creating the right work environment. Our hands-on, collaborative approach directs us to integrate your needs in the design to make sure the final product is beneficial to your business.

Zircon Interiors is your partner in creating a workplace that grows along with your business.

Our Corporate Culture


You come first. When carrying out your build, our team makes sure to keep within your budget and timeline. We are transparent every step of the way. We’ll keep you fully informed.


Zircon Interiors has grown to be one of the leading fitout solutions providers because of how we conduct business. Each project starts on a foundation of trust between our team and the client. This is also true for our relationships with suppliers and tradespeople. We build on this trust and maintain it.


A positive work culture results in a happy and productive workplace. We bring this positive attitude to every project.


Zircon Interiors are firm believers that respect begets respect. We are mindful of the entire build process and make sure that everyone involved understands their importance to the project.

Our Services

Zircon Interiors offers different services that aim to improve your office space. These are customisable to make sure your specific needs are addressed accordingly. We include a project management service to support your chosen design solution.

Commercial Office Fitout

Our commercial fitout service overhauls your existing workplace for a fresh new design that adds value to your business. We craft your new space to be a better work environment for your employees. We can also integrate your brand into the design to strengthen your work culture.

Office Refurbishment

Our office refurb service is a cost-effective alternative to a fitout. We redesign your space using innovative workstations, operable partitions, and ergonomically designed furnishings. You have the option to have these customised to suit your style preferences.


Zircon Interiors doesn’t want you to worry about your build. We provide skilled project managers so you can focus on your core business. Our project managers are trained to handle fitout and refurb projects, no matter their size. They will act as your liaison to contractors, tradespeople and suppliers. Additionally, they will handle the paperwork involved with builds.

Zircon Interiors is your partner in improving your workplace. We bring our combined expertise and industry insights to every project. We do our best to make sure your office is transformed into what you envisioned. Our comprehensive process takes care of your space from conception to completion. 

Let’s talk about your office space’s potential. Connect with our team to find out more about Zircon Interiors.