5 Things To Consider When Planning An Office Fitout

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5 Things To Consider When Planning An Office Fitout

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It’s important to remember that the interior of any workplace is much more than just a physical space for your employees to work in and clients to visit. The design has to be carefully thought out so that it complements a whole range of different corporate aspects. In the list below, we’ve covered 5 things that you should consider when planning an office fitout.

  1. Price Estimate
    It is essential to ensure that all decisions fit within your budget. This is especially true when it comes to extensive projects, such as undertaking a brand new office fitout. You need to make sure that the quote includes as much as possible, such as: design brief, building assessment, technical plans, project management, material delivery, and construction. Less detail in a proposal means that the builder is unsure of what they are quoting or they are trying to hide something and charge it as a variation later. Be wary of this.
  2. Design Complements Branding
    Your workplace should be an extension of your other advertising materials so that clients get the same impression as they would when reading your brochure or browsing your website. The final appearance should fit with your brand colours, company vision and mottos, company values, and your overall desired appearance.
  3. Efficient System Designs
    Remember that the physical space inside your workplace needs to take care of the needs of your employees. Think carefully about the various systems so that they operate in an optimal manner, including: lights and windows, power points and switches, heating vents and thermostats, ventilation (ducts and vans), and air conditioning units.
  4. Migration of IT & Telecoms
    If you’re moving from one workplace to another, you need to consider how to make the move as seamless as possible, particularly in regards to communications. Migrating IT and telecoms systems without disrupting communications is essential to keeping your business running. Clients need to still be able to contact you, either by phone or email.
  5. Legal Compliance/Building Permit for an Office Fitout
    One of the final considerations to make is whether your new design complies with relevant laws and guidelines. These span the full spectrum of areas, including: disabled access, electrical certification, fire services and mechanical services to name a few. Compliance will help you to avoid expensive legal issues in the future. Please note that every fitout in Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, ACT, Northern Territory and Tasmania must have a building permit which in result needs to be completed by a registered builder in that particular state. Speak to the team at Zircon on 1300 ZIRCON.

By taking the time to consider each of the points outlined above, you can ensure that your office fitout will be planned correctly and that the finished interiors will meet your needs with ease, as well as complement your brand. The good news is that the team at Zircon Interiors can help you with each of these aspects and more, ensuring that your fitout is everything you thought it would be.